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The artist Barbara Probst
Born 1964, Munich, Germany.
Lives and works in New York and Munich, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Barbara Probst
The multiple exposures are more than a meditation on the event being recorded — the images examine the act of reading photographs as documents of the actions or people they depict. While one may suggest voyeuristic qualities, another incorporates the slipshod framing of a snapshot, and another image may more closely resemble a runway shot of a model on the move. In this way Probst’s sequences point out that the different ways we “direct” a photograph, by the position, settings, and film of the camera, can produce images with entirely disparate spheres of meaning…

Barbara Probst
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Barbara Probst
New York based artist Barbara Probst began her career in her native Germany. Probst’s Exposure series breaks the photographic moment into several points of view through the use of multiple cameras in a single shot. In Probst’s work photographic 'truth' is subject to fragmentation and cinematic drama, offering new interpretations of the classical fleeting photographic moment…

Barbara Probst
Exposures dissects the relationship between the photographic “moment” and perceived reality by showing a single action from numerous points of view captured through a complex system of radio controls, synchronized cable releases, and, occasionally, other photographers.

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