Photography Winners: Ocean Art Underwater Contest

underwater photography

The Underwater Photography Guide launched a contest last year entitled 2015 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition. It attracted thousands of portrait artists from over 50 countries. As expected, the photographers who specialize in capturing deep ocean creatures took home the major prizes.

On its fifth year, photographer Jeff Milisen bagged the top honour, which is the “Best of Show” award. He took a photograph of a larval cusk eel in the waters of Kailua-Kona in Hawaii. His subject was considered a mysterious marine life, as it was never seen, much more photographed before. Such eel is very difficult to find and capturing it with precise lighting and focus is quite amazing.

Over $70,000 worth of prizes were given away to the winners. Included in the panel of judges is Scott Geitler. The Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition is a very prestigious underwater photo contest that is being participated in and followed by top photographers all over the world.

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