Anthony Christian

Anthony Christian | the artist

The artist Anthony Christian
Born Oct 24 1945, London, United Kingdom.
Lives and works in England and India, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Writing, Drawing,

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anthony christian
At only 10 years of age, Anthony Christian was granted the privilege of studying the techniques of the "Old Masters" at the National Gallery in London and the accolade of publicity he received during this period, announced him to the world as a child prodigy…

anthony christian
In 1957 the newspapers announced Anthony Christian (known at the time as Howard Clanford) as a Child Prodigy since, at only ten years of age, he was studying art at The National Gallery, making him the youngest person ever to have permission to copy there. This honour is normally reserved for professional artists and students, but certainly never to anyone under the age of eighteen, making Christian's position unique even to this day. For the press that was a story in itself, but the thing that really grabbed their attention was the subject that Christian had chosen to copy and the sheer quality of the painting he was producing…

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