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The artist Annelise Coste
Born 1973, Marseille, France.
Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing, Athens Biennale,

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Annelise Coste
Coste has already been established in the Swiss art scene for her drawings. They are of appealing and literary nature, even when, in some cases, they are free of text. These abstract drawings, in which the motives come to an independence of form, have something floral and decorative. Like illegitimate children of "Les Fleurs du Mal", they lead as visual tracks into subjective moods and inner pictures…

Annelise Coste
The technique of drawing is essential to the process of creation of all Coste´s works. The frenetic and spontaneous quality of the airbrush sprayed across the gallery walls recalls the graphic violence of graffiti art. Coste deliberatley refuses to adopt llinguistic and artistic conventions and she appropiates the gallery space in the same way graffiti does with the public space, while she recycles this reactionary imagery to infuse it with her personal, romantic and poetic sensibility…

Annelise Coste
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Annelise Coste
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Annelise Coste
Annelise coste is doing art the better she can Rebelling against the working system affirming „you have to work“ she does not work (the clock ringing to wake up and then regulates the livingrobot-time she considerates it as a direct violent attack to the peace and the freedom of the body (heart, eyes, nose, mouth, legs, hands, skin, blood circulation……)and mind(why am i here,am i an animal,what shall i cook,i love you,let’s have a drink my friend,whaooo,oh i feel sad,i am lost, deathdeathdeath,air song,bed,reading in bed,oh i love you…….)

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