Andrew Lord

Andrew Lord | the artist

The artist Andrew Lord
Born 1950, Rochdale, England.
Lives and works in New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Sculpture Objects,

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Andrew Lord
The shapes in this series stem from a vocabulary of forms from which Lord has worked for a number of years. With this body of work, Lord further abstracts the forms into slender and elongated objects. The texture of the cast plaster reveals the materiality and process of their making. Lord painted the plaster with a mixture of white beeswax and turpentine under which the remnants of a clay wash are visible. The beeswax breathes life into the work through the luminosity and depth of the material and creates a surface that is at the same time both cloudy and radiant…

Andrew Lord
Selected works

Andrew Lord
Andrew Lord continues to bring elements of painting, sculpture, craft and Process Art into a truce whose instability holds the attention. His vocabulary of outsize vessels — vases, jars, pitchers and loop-handled jugs — is a constant that merges support and subject, like a cross between a painter's canvas and the human figure. The variable is surface terrain…

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