Abigail Lazkoz

Abigail Lazkoz | the artist

The artist Abigail Lazkoz
Born 1972, Bilbao, Spain.
Lives and works in Bilbao and New York, Spain and USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Mural Art – Muralism, Site specific art, Installation art,

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Abi Lazkoz
The Joan MirĂ³ Foundation presents Shuffle, an installation by Abigail Lazkoz forming part of The 24 Steps programme dedicated to the figure of Joan MirĂ³ and his leading role in contemporary art, to mark the 25th anniversary of his death on 25 December 1983. Abigail Lazkoz (Bilbao, 1972) normally works on the walls of the exhibition space, filling them with drawings of scenes of everyday life…

Abi Lazkoz

Abi Lazkoz
The work of Abigail Lazkoz reflects on political or social reality and gender roles through a drawing structure close to the world of graphic vignette, establishing questions on the spectator themselves that have to be revealed upon going beyond what drawing, apparently simple, offers at first glance. As such, the titles of the majority of her works&usually phrases&clarify part of the meaning…

Abi Lazkoz
Abigail Lazkoz presents a large mural and smaller drawings from her series “War Stories I Have Heard.” This work combines influences from comic-book imagery, renaissance motifs, and 19th c. Mexican engravings.

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